DAKOO Properties is a one - stop service for all your needs aimed at becoming a home owner in any part of Nigeria. DAKOO Properties will take away all the pains and help deliver your dream property, not a compromised one. With DAKOO what you pay for is what you get. You would not have to pay beyond a particular stage of the project which you have not inspected and approved as meeting your expectations. Call us today to discuss your requirements and leave the remaining tasks to DAKOO Properties

What To Expect


A team of competent & professional building experts.

Collaborative management, with prospective buyers involved in all stages of construction to reduce to the barest minimum a need for modifications on delivery.


Hassle-free construction & delivery of your dream house from foundation to completion.

Individualised & person - centered building.

Customer Support

Reliable & professional customer service all through the project.

Timely delivery, keeping to agreed time frame.

Our Services

We Protect From

  • Recalcitrant and selfish ‘omo oniles’.
  • Unreliable and dubious property sellers.
  • Complex & bureaucratic documentations.
  • Unreliable & dubious building contractors.
  • Deceptive exteriors & poor quality hidden finishing.
  • Amateurish and unprofessional attitudes of the ‘building experts’.
  • Unwarranted middlemen and property ‘touts’.

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